Beginner Group Fitness Classes by Therapists

TherHab® Fitness provides fun, upbeat and easy to follow classes which address mobility, flexibility, balance and pain while gaining functional strength and endurance. Exercise doesn’t have to be confusing or overwhelming! We provide you with all of the equipment and step-by-step instruction to safely and effectively participate in the classes right for you!

What can you expect with TherHab®?

  • An initial assessment where we gather all the information needed to create a full picture of your background for proper placement into classes.
  • Music to keep things fun, engaging and upbeat (don’t be afraid to join if you have two left feet though!)
  • Diversity in group fitness classes to keep your mind engaged and your strength, balance, coordination, flexibility and endurance progressing.
  • Functional strengthening that will carry over to your everyday activities.
Three people participating in a TherHab Fitness Class

Your health and wellness is worth an hour per day. We can help get you back to doing the things you love with the people you love.

It’s time to take back control of your life today!

TherHab® Fitness Class Options

SteadyHab Logo

A great starting point for those who want to focus on gaining strength and balance to improve their walking ability. Aerobics are slower paced with moves performed at balance bar or seated in a chair with close supervision provided.

Ideal for individuals who:

  • Need more frequent rest breaks
  • Have a history of falls
StrengthHab Logo

A step up from SteadyHab, this class is more challenging by offering a combination of seated and standing exercises (with or without support on a balance bar). Endurance is challenged with short bursts of low impact aerobic intervals.

Ideal for individuals who:

  • Are looking for increased functional strength and overall mobility
  • Are looking for fall prevention programs
ReadyHab Logo

This class includes slow paced low impact aerobics, strengthening, balance & flexibility. Utilizing a base exercise with instructions on possible modifications & challenges, continuous aerobics occur for ~15 minutes with a march or standing rest break used to alter intensity.

Ideal for individuals who:

  • Are more mobile, but just beginning an exercise program
  • Are looking for a self-paced structure to meet their personal fitness needs
PowerHab Logo

This fun class takes you to your next step by incorporating functional leg strengthening throughout the aerobics section. Followed up with functional arm and core strengthening, PowerHab provides you with a total body workout that is easily modified to meet different fitness levels.

Ideal for individuals who:

  • Are looking for cross training – get your heart rate up while strengthening your legs
  • Are seeking improved agility
TherHab Fitness Class throwing exercise balls in the air

Why is TherHab® different from other group fitness classes?

TherHab Fitness classes are smaller in size and designed and instructed by a trained Physical Therapist or Therapy Assistant. This allows for maximal safety, proper instruction on body mechanics to reduce risk of injury, and implementation of movement modifications to provide you a safe and pain-free fitness experience!

What Our Clients Say About TherHab®

“TherHab has been life changing for me. After two months, cut my BP medication in half and my leg strength, stamina, and balance is much better. It is a fun activity that I look forward to.”

– Gerald Grove

“TherHab is wonderful program. Arthritis has been a part my life for many years. With the classes and exercise programs I am now doing at TherHab my quality of life has greatly improved.”

– Molly Draper

TherHab has restored my balance and the use of my body to move normally. The atmosphere of the classes is conducive to enjoying exercising. The TherHab staff consistently changes the exercises to challenge our thinking as well as our bodies.

– Sharon Young

“TherHab does a wonderful job helping their groups to exercise properly so they can become stronger, have better balance and better posture. I really enjoy their classes and know I am in better shape because of these classes! Come join us.”

– Lois Heits