Meet Dr. Jen DeSantis
Experienced Physical Therapist in Beachwood

Meet Dr. Jen DeSantis
Experienced Physical Therapist in Beachwood

Jen’s Genuine Commitment

My commitment to you is not just to be your physical therapist, but to be your “biggest fan” and advocate along your journey. I believe we all can do whatever we set our minds to, even if the ‘odds’ seem ‘stacked’ against us. You have a duty to live the best version of your life, and I’m here to help you do just that. So tell me your story, then let’s work together to create a plan that not only motivates you, but EXCITES you to get up and going every day. And of course, as you start to see changes, your plan will change so you continue to improve each and every day.

The sky is the limit, Let’s see what’s possible.

Genuine Beginnings

I frequently get asked the questions –
“What made you decide to open your own practice?” and “What makes you different from everyone else?”

Well, the short and sweet answer- A LOT ! I’m pretty fearless, loud, talk with my hands (I contribute this to my Italian heritage!), don’t really like being told what to do and LOVE to help others. But, I guess that doesn’t quite answer the questions…or does it?

Physical Therapy Equipment

I’ve always been passionate about helping others and believing that we only get one shot at this life – so through the good, bad and ugly, we HAVE to make the BEST of each and every day! The human body is a fascinating machine that requires work and maintenance to keep it working at top performance. And sometimes – parts of it break on us.

But, with the right tools, it’s amazing how the body can heal, re-grow and excel beyond it’s previous limits. You just need to find the right combination of exercise/movement, nutrition, mindset and sleep for YOUR body – and when you do, the results are pretty darn cool!

I’ve gotten to see first hand how someone in their mid-80’s proved just how true this all is. After suffering a spinal cord stroke, she was given less than a 10% chance of ever walking again by her doctors. But she NEVER just accepted that as truth. Instead, she set her goals, dug into her support system, and trusted our ever changing plan, trying everything we asked, no matter how difficult she thought it might be. The day she walked out or our rehab facility independently with only a walker to live at an independent living apartment forever changed my life.

I started thinking – if THAT was possible, is anything really impossible? Then I asked myself, what if I could create a community doing what I LOVE to offer all my knowledge, tools and strategies, bring in other clinicians knowledge and skills, and crush goals and maintain an active life before our backs were against the walls with less than 10% chance of success? What if I could help others take back control of their lives and allow them to do all the things they want – chase their dreams and goals, run with their grandkids, take the bucket list trip? LIVE YOUR LIFE . The thought sets my soul on FIRE and I couldn’t help but to chase after it and make it a reality.

So… here we are!

What Our Clients Say About Genuine

“It was nice to find a PT near me who was able to treat my neck pain/tightness with dry needling combined with manual therapy. I’m feeling GREAT! Thank you Jen!”

– N Thompson

“Over two years, I’ve been to multiple physical therapists and chiropractors who were unable to treat my low back and sciatic pain. After just a month of working with Jen, I felt tremendous, lasting relief.”

– Jason S

Meet Jen – Your Beachwood Physical Therapist

I graduated in 2014 from Walsh University in North Canton, Ohio with my Doctorate in Physical Therapy. I also have a Bachelors of Science in Human Nutrition and minor in Exercise Science from Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio (GO BUCKS!).

I’ve spent the majority of the last decade immersed in the health and wellness arena. I was a therapy aide during summers throughout school and have seen a variety of clinical settings throughout my Physical Therapy schooling including my final affiliation working underneath an OCS and FAAOMPT certified clinician. I then spent 6 years as a licensed PT in the skilled nursing and rehabilitation world which is where my passion really grew to make a difference in closing the gap between rehab and overall wellness in your daily life.

I’ve taken a wide variety of continuing education courses to include Integrative Dry Needling, Kinesiotaping, Effective Geriatric Rehab and Evidence-based Rehab for Neurological Disorders. These courses and more allow me to have multiple “tools” in my toolbox to provide the best quality of care for a variety of patient populations.

Jen DeSantis Headshot
Jen DeSantis and Family
Born and raised on the east side of Cleveland, Ohio definitely has my heart! My husband, Joe, and I love spending our “down time” with our son, Ben, and Belgian Malinois, Bella as well as our family and friends. We love to be outside and you can typically find us either at a park or at our house making memories that will last a lifetime. If we aren’t there you also might find us playing softball with friends or grabbing a cup of coffee and looking at real estate!

Our Beachwood Physical Therapy Services

Ready to get started living the best version of your life? Then get started with Genuine! Our physical therapist puts together personalized treatment plans and offers one-on-one physical therapy sessions to get you started doing just that. We also offer a variety of specialized treatment plans including dry needling, kinesio taping, and manual therapy as well as TherHab® Fitness, an upbeat and easy to follow class to improve everything from mobility and flexibility to strength and endurance.